Meet the #MobileMayor

Serving more than 20 years in non-profit community development and city governance, Mayor Eugene W. Grant leads with results.

Through meticulous financial management and leveraging of funds and resources from bi-partisan governments, corporations and foundations, Mayor Grant changes paradigms in education, youth development, public safety, health and senior quality of life.

In 2004, Mayor Grant implemented Mayor Giuliani’s Leadership recipe, and transformed the City of Seat Pleasant into a comfortable D.C. satellite where families feel free to shop and recreate and businesses to invest. Mayor Grant generated effective policing, quality of life nuisance abatement, education success for all ages and upgraded infrastructure. Through local, regional and national grants, through holding localities accountable and through responsible tax increases and budget surpluses, crime plummeted 33%, elementary test scores improved, seniors felt safer and healthier and businesses returned.

Prince George’s Hospital Center Foundation bestowed The Strata Award on Grant for reducing hospital readmissions by building health care alliances between academia, practitioners, hospitals and public health institutions. Grant instituted an annual Health Summit; a forum whose outcome was a Prince George’s Hospital Care Transitions Clinic, operated and managed by a private firm. He also founded the Health Empowerment Network of Maryland, Inc. (HENM, Inc.), which leads the metropolitan area in reducing systemic health disparities and improving health care delivery and infrastructure. Grant currently serves as chair of HENM.

Mayor Grant travels extensively around the world giving lectures and workshops on building community, youth development, asset leveraging and more. His travels have included China, Haiti, European and African countries. Mayor Grant frequents Haiti and Nigeria where he is developing strong ties to improve the quality of life, spur economic activity and open doors to international development through import/export opportunities.

Mayor Grant currently serves on numerous boards and committees including the Maryland Black Mayor’s Community Development Corporation, Prince George’s Chamber of Commerce Legislative Committee, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the Rainbow PUSH Coalition and numerous others. Throughout Mayor Grant’s 24 year career in community service, he has received numerous awards and citations.